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Friday, January 05, 2018
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So I beg your forgiveness for a minute while I try to adequately put into words how important this wedding was to me. I vividly remember 25 some odd years ago, and after my parents had already had 5 boys (me being the oldest), laying in bed, sitting on the sofa and anytime I was at church praying hard that the soon to be child #6 my parents were having would be a girl. Honestly I'm not sure the exact reason I wanted a sister but I do know that I wanted one really REALLY bad. Obviously those prayers were answered but little did I know that girl would become a sister far beyond my expectations.


Now jump forward to the last few years and my little sister was suddenly not so little, in fact she had grown into a beautiful, amazing woman and by far the superior Darnell. Guys didn't stand a chance, no one could withstand the gauntlet of 6 brothers and the fortitude it would take to win Becky's heart. I actually started to feel bad for guys because it was obvious it would take a very special person to withstand the "humor" of the Darnell clan. Then one day everything changed..... a guy came onto the scene unlike any other that had pursued her. This guy was different, he withstood meeting the family, he withstood the tremendous trial by fire that we as brothers felt obligated to dish out. He didn't just win Becky's hearts, he won all of ours. I'm proud to call him my brother. 


Fast forward to New Year's Eve 2017, to the wedding of Kevin Curtis and Becky Darnell at the stunning Noah's Event Venue. It was hard stepping out of my big brother role and into my photographer shoes but I'm so glad I did because this big brother's heart probably would have been a wreck. Everything was perfect, the venue was amazing, the decorations were on point, and despite the frigid temperatures the love in the air was so thick it warmed everyone. I'm so proud of my sister and thrilled to welcome Kevin to the family. They are both perfect for each other and my prayers for a sister have turned to prayers for a fruitful marriage for them. Here is a quick sneak peek from their big day. Hope you enjoy them and thanks for baring with me as I shared a piece of my heart.  

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